Miracle Cover has been tested by people just like you for over 10 years and here is what they have to say.

“We used Miracle Cover to protect the beautiful block work of the Upland, CA Police Department. Not only did it apply easily but it brought out the color vibrantly.”

JHJ Construction—Whittier, CA

“Our project in Thailand went beautifully. The application of Miracle Cover was flawless and the management company was extremely pleased with the outcome.”

Berberick Construction—MD

Using Miracle Cover on our waterscapes has made our customers very happy. Thank you for making us look good and preserving our work. Thought you might like a couple pictures of a few jobs.”

Stone Scapes Inc.—Laguna Hills, CA

I have been using sealants for years and I’m so glad I found Miracle cover! Nothing has come close to doing the job your sealant does. It really protects our patios from the elements and helps them stay looking great for years.”


Here is a letter to say we saw a big difference in using both Miracle Cover and Waterseal!

We recently cleaned and re-covered our two-tiered backyard deck. We ran out of Waterseal on the first deck and decided to try some of the Miracle Cover my dad had bought for us on the second part of the deck. The difference between the products was that the Waterseal seemed to dissapear into the boards when dry, while the Miracle Cover left the wood finished, with a smoother edge to it. Probably several coats of Waterseal might have left the same finish, but the Miracle Cover did great in one coat.

We have used Miracle Cover on smaller projects to repel moisture and it really works, but this experience proved it for me. Next summer, it’s Miracle Cover for all our decks!


Danielle Jennings

Your product truly lives up to it’s name! I am currently using it in all my Aesthetic Water projects, and am very pleased with the results. I couldn’t be more impressed with your product! Miracle Cover is the best and easiest to apply concrete color I’ve ever used. Not to mention the vast other uses it has. I just sealed the cane furniture in my patio, which can sit out in the rain. Last month I sealed my roof.

I cant imagine doing a project without sealing it with Miracle Cover, I just wouldn’t


Ken Macaire President: Environmental Aesthetics

Enclosed are some pictures I took of the wall during a heavy rainstorm. There is no penetration of water to the portion that has been treated with Miracle Cover. The Miracle Cover was applied eighteen months ago. Only one coat! One picture is of the uncovered concrete patio during the same storm. The left sections were treated seven months ago. There is no water penetration at all.

I have used one of the top water sealers for several years. I find there is no comparison with your product. The other product required follow-up treatment every six or seven months. I have one coat of your product eighteen months ago and have found no evidence of water penetration anywhere. The water supply in Clark County has a very heavy erosion effect on concrete. I have not had any problems with erosion since applying Miracle Cover. Your product does everything you told me it would do and more!

Sincerely yours,

Paul Slaughter

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