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From commercial fishing vessels to houseboats, speed boats to sail boats, Miracle Cover Marine protects, beautifies and extends the life of your watercraft and everything in it. Marinas love us to!

Miracle Cover Family of Products

Absolutely the best water repellents on the market today. Last longer, protects better, and is environmentally safe. 

Miracle Cover Family


Miracle Cover is a multipurpose, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable water based liquid sealant. As a Silicone rubber product that becomes part of the surface, it guards against unwanted moisture and liquid contaminants. There is little or no change in the color or appearance of the substrate is protects.


Miracle Cover Marine Sizes


Twice the silicone rubber content as regular Miracle Cover. Made specifically for marine application with added protection of your property from damaging seawater. Works great on land applications as well, just like Miracle Cover regular.

Graffiti Guard

Miracle Cover Graffiti Guard

Miracle Cover Graffiti Guard Simply wash the graffiti off! The water resistant anti-graffiti barrier will remain intact to protect the surface from future vandalism. A non-toxic biodegradable, environmentally safe, water based silicone rubber that is unaffected by damaging UV rays and dries clear without cracking or yellowing.

Miracle Cover Super

Miracle Cover Super

Miracle Cover Super is designed to be waterproof and a vapor retardant membrane for a variety of surfaces including concrete (uncured) block, wood, and metal for a variety of applications including decks, walls (both above and below grade), and water. If you need to seal cracks and holes, Miracle Cover Super is your product.

Graffiti Remover

Special Formulas and Additives

Miracle Cover Wood Cleaner, Wood Renew, UV Additive and Graffiti remover were created to enhance the effectiveness of our products. A clean and prepared substrate is vital to the success of any surface sealant. All are ecologically acceptable formulas and easy to use.

Miracle Color

Miracle Color

Miracle Concrete Color and Miracle Wood Stain are designed to be a decorative and protective ad-mixture for Miracle Cover which will provide attractive colored finishes and extended UV protection to concrete or wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

If your questions are not answered here or within the site, please use the contact form or call us. Our deep commitment to providing our customers with world-class service means being available and responsive to you and your needs. We will always strive provide you with the best possible solution for your project.

General Questions

What is miracle Cover

Miracle Cover is a one of a kind water based, Inorganic, environmentally safe, Silicone Rubber water and liquid repellant (sealant). It resists mildew, mold, insects, stains, it stops rain damage, dry rot and termites won’t eat through it. The nonflammable, non-explosive properties render it unable to cause harmful chemical reactions and is almost indestructible by environmental and natural elements. Miracle Cover is Nontoxic and contains no harmful petrochemicals or other toxic ingredients. It’s 400% elasticity which prevents it from freezing, thaw, peeling, cracking and sprawling.

Our product provides low maintenance costs, fewer material replacements and allows you to forgo the frequent recoating necessary with other sealants. It will not yellow, chip, peel, crack, fade, discolor and is unaffected by Ultra Violet rays, salts, acids, chlorine or aging and is easy to apply. Miracle Cover comes in different concentrations of rubber to meet specific applications for the Home, Marine or Industrial use.

How does it work?

In Miracle Cover, silicone rubber and water are emulsified to create a one component white liquid with silicone rubber dispersion. As the delivery agent, water penetrates into the substrate taking the rubber with it, naturally evaporating leaving the solids (silicone rubber) behind. 

Miracle Cover will actually become part of the substrate. It does not fill gaps or repair cracks; it protects the actual “substance” of the substrate. This gives it a good Perm Rate that allows the substrate to “breath” allowing moisture and chemicals to escape without allowing them to re-enter.

 Miracle Cover dries to touch usually in minutes depending on weather conditions, surface, amount used and will fully cure in 24hrs.

Can it be added to other products?

Yes, it can be added to and top coated over all paints (including epoxy) and eliminates the need for a primer coat because Miracle Cover acts as a bonding agent as well as paint additive. Our tests have shown that adding 1 cup per gallon can double the life of any paint, stain, varnish.

Is it Eco-Friendly?

 Yes.  Miracle Cover is Nontoxic and contains no harmful petrochemicals or other toxic ingredients. It is nonflammable, non-explosive which renders it unable to cause harmful chemical reactions. The product has a “ZERO” VOC rating. This is a 100% Green building product!

What’s the significance of silicone rubber?”

Silicone rubber is derived from inorganic silica (sand). Silicones were developed for commercial use during World War II for military applications requiring extreme temperature resistance. Over the years, numerous advances have been made, improving tensile strength, elongation, tear resistance, etc. In addition to its broad temperature resistant properties, silicone rubber now possesses physical values far superior to a number of other synthetic polymers. Silicone rubber is made up of a backbone of silicone and oxygen atoms. This unique linkage is the same as that found in other high temperature materials such as quartz and glass. As a result, silicone rubber provides outstanding high and low temperature resistant properties as well as general inertness toward many deteriorating effects such as ozone, corona, weathering, UV rays, acids, bases, salts, oils, fuels, fluids, and food products.

Will it work on a non-porous surface?

Yes. Although it is best applied to porous surfaces it will protect non-porous. Water is simply the delivering agent for the rubber and whatever the “water” touches it will leave behind a silicone rubber film. Similar to a snail moving across a sidewalk you see the “slime” trail left behind. Miracle Cover is like that, it will leave rubber on any surface it contacts. If you were to let a drop of water run down a pane of glass, after it dries you will see a “streak” of silicone rubber on the glass. It is only easier to abrase off when it has not penetrated a substrate. It will still protect metal, fiberglass and plastic as some examples.

How is it applied

Application on Vertical Surfaces:

Application with an airless sprayer, garden/pump-up sprayer, brush, or roller are recommended for best results. Spray uniformly to form a continuous film. A three (3) to four (4) inch run-down is desirable for most vertical surfaces. The application rate may vary depending on the porosity and texture of the surface. MIRACLE COVER must be applied to a clean, dry surface free from water, dirt, oil, and other materials to allow for best penetration and adhesion. The repellent must not be applied during inclement weather or when precipitation appears imminent.

Application on Horizontal Surfaces:

Use the same methods as on vertical surfaces and apply enough MIRACLE COVER to saturate the surface. Remove any excess MIRACLE COVER that “puddles”, as these spots will discolor and become slippery when wet.

General Application Information:

Water saturated surfaces may reduce penetration. Damp substrates will increase cure time, but will not harm the effectiveness of the sealer. When utilizing a sprayer, spray to saturation level making sure all substrate has come in contact with the product. Cover and protect all surfaces not to be treated (i.e. glass, shrubbery, etc.). Immediately wash sealer off surfaces not to be treated with soap and water. If set up has occurred, clean equipment with mineral spirits or paint thinner.

Paint Additive:

MIRACLE COVER can be mixed with paint (Latex or any other water or oil based) or stain. This enables the paint to take on the water proofing properties of the sealant without affecting it’s quality and eliminates the need of a paint primer. Add one (1) cup of MIRACLE COVER per gallon of paint. Coverage is the same as indicated by the paint supplier.

Drying Time:

Drying time will vary according to temperature, humidity, and wind conditions. Under cool and/or humid conditions, a day or two may be required for complete evaporation of liquid.

How can I remove it?

Very difficult. The only way to remove Miracle Cover is by abrasion. Remember Miracle Cover ends up being Silicone Rubber that actually becomes part of the substrate. The more porous the surface the deeper the rubber goes. You will need to remove the surface of the substrate that contains the rubber. This can be done by sanding or very High pressure water spray.

Why is being “inorganic” important?
The chart below shows how “silicone rubber” is formulated. Just because a product says it has “silicone” in it, it doesn’t mean it will hold up to the elements. Being “inorganic” which is what Miracle Cover is, allows it to be impervious to the detrimental affects cumbersome on other products.

Miracle Cover doesn’t “contain” silicone, it cures into “silicone rubber” that actually in most cases becomes part of the substrate itself.


All products above the line can be broken down by elements, water, salt, acids, UV rays, chlorine.

Products below the line, where Miracle Cover fits, cannot be broken down by the elements.

Silanes and siloxanes are inorganic, but are contained in an oil base and can be broken down by the elements. Acrylics and epoxies are also organic and can be broken down by the elements.

This is what sets Miracle Cover apart! You have a water based product that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, Silicone Rubber that literally lasts forever, at least so far.

Why Should I Use it?

Miracle Cover offers superior protection than that of other organic sealers and compounds like Thomson’s Water seal and other Acrylic type products. Almost all other water based sealers are based on a derivative of Petroleum, or other synthetic compounds that are organic in nature, and generally this type of product will degrade over a short period of time when exposed to the elements. The initial costs may be cheaper, but you pay later because you have to re-treat the surface, usually on a Seasonal basis. If you have any doubts about this… JUST READ THE CAN!!!.

Under most normal circumstances Miracle Cover requires only ONE application which will last for up to 20 yrs., if applied according to manufactures instructions. This saves you time and money since you don’t have to come back seasonally and pay again for the product/retreatment labor costs.

Miracle Cover is based on the revolutionary concept of using inorganic silica to create silicone rubber in a water-based product. This process produces a superior sealer that is impervious to almost everything mother nature can throw at it. Miracle Cover comes with a 20 manufacturer’s warranty. The only way Miracle Cover is removed is by abrasion.

One of the best features of Miracle Cover is that it is water-based, non toxic, and that means it is friendly to the environment. With our product; Hazardous waste removal and shipping, dangerous fumes, chemical odors, messy cleanup are a thing of the past. Clean up is as easy as soap and water. Along with being nontoxic, it has none of the properties that weaken other Petroleum Based Products on the market.

Is it slippery to walk on?

Not normally. If applied correctly the silicone rubber becomes part of the substrate which means it is “below” the surface. Thus walking or running on it should be fine. However, when it is applied in excess (allowed to “puddle” on the surface), when it dries it will leave a slippery coating. Tile is not very porous so excess is easy to leave on the surface. A good rule to follow is –less porous, less product – more porous, more product. If the surface does seem a little slippery, use diatomaceous earth as a sanding agent to remove any excess product. Simply pour the soil on the floor and use a stiff push broom to move it around. 98% of the time this does the trick!


The rubber seems “sticky” or “tacky,” what is happening?

The silicone rubber is emulsified (mixed) with water which is the delivering agent. As the water evaporates out of the substrate it leaves the rubber behind. This process of “curing” is what is taking place when the product seems ”sticky.” Miracle Cover usually takes 24 hours to completely cure but depending on the ambient temperature and humidity it could take longer. On a hot day in the Arizona desert it could cure in 30 minutes! Don’t worry it will solidify.

How is it tested
The Bremmer Test

The Bremmer test is designed to simulate a 60 mile per hour wind driven rain on the tested product for a definite period of time. Measurements are made of water penetration every 5 minutes up to a 12 hour period.

There is a comparison made between an untreated substrate and one treated with MIRACLE COVER.  

Products Tested:

The Bremmer test was conducted on large brick, small brick, and mortar joints. Please notice the results below.

bremmer test

About Our Services

Can I be a Miracle Cover representative?”

Yes. Miracle Cover contracts with independent sales representatives or Rep Companies to market the product line. Usually a territory, foreign or domestic is assigned. We are always looking for qualified, professional and ambitious sales reps. If interested please contact Doug at info@miraclecoverusa.com or call 619-302-1494.

Can I Retail Miracle Cover?

Yes. We sell to retailers at wholesale pricing. You can purchase any quantity and we ship FOB from our factory in Kansas City. There is usually a 3-4 day turn around after order. Retailer must provide a State Retail Sellers Permit. Orders are prepaid unless prior arrangement for terms are made, usually net 30. Call 619-302-1494 or email info@miraclecoverusa.com .

5/ 20 Year Guarantee

5-Year Warranty:

MIRACLE COVER warrants to the original purchaser this product to be free of defects in material and manufacturing for a period of five years from the date of purchase and/or manufacture. In the event of a claim for warranty, MIRACLE COVER will replace the product free of charge, including freight, or at its option, issue a refund to the purchaser as evidenced by the purchaser’s receipt.

20-Year Guarantee:

Miracle Cover guarantees that the product, when applied properly, in accordance with the manufactures directions, will last on the substrate for 20 years, minus any undue abrasion occurring naturally or manmade.

This warranty and guarantee is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied, including any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and remedy permitted herein shall be the exclusive remedy of the buyer. Seller’s liability shall be limited to replacement of defective material. In no event shall the seller be liable for consequential or incidental damages. This paragraph is not applicable in consumer transaction or where prohibited by law.

All claims arising out of or relating to claims against the seller with the respect to MIRACLE COVER (The Company) shall be determined by American Arbitration Association in the regional office nearest Wichita, Kansas, in accordance with the Construction Industry Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association. The award rendered shall be final and judgment may be entered upon it in accordance with the applicable law in any court having jurisdiction.

Contractors and Architects
Miracle Cover offers discounts to qualified Contractors and Manufacturers. Contact Doug at 619-302-1494 or email info@miraclecoverusa.com.

Download Price Sheet here.

Return Policy

All Sales final. With special approval and circumstances a 20% restocking fee plus shipping charges will be applied to all disputed orders.

Miracle Cover – The Company

Miracle Cover (the Company) was started in 1990 as a family owned and run business, which it still is. Our offices are in San Diego, CA and the factory is located in Kansas City, KS., which gives us a central location to distribute the product around the US.

Even in the 90’s, contractor Paul Jordan, our founder, saw the need for an effective, environmentally friendly sealant to be introduced into the construction business. As a result of tremendous research and experimentation Miracle Cover was born. Though the product was to be used commercially, Paul wanted it to be available for private use as well, so he began to market it in smaller quantities so the home owner could take advantage of it. Saving our environment and protecting our property can now be everyone’s business. Thus we have an easily applied, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-flammable, long lasting liquid silicone rubber sealant. The greatest thing about it is you don’t need to re-apply it “seasonally” as most other sealants and it’s not labor intensive.

The vision has now become a reality and Miracle Cover products are being used around the world. Our prayer is Miracle Cover will help you preserve and protect your property from harmful water and liquid damage. As a Christian company, we are committed to providing our customers with world-class service. This means being available and responsive to you and your needs. It means listening carefully, working diligently to help you solve the water protection challenges you face.

Doug Jordan

Doug Jordan – Owner , CEO

Paul Jordan Inventor of Miracle Cover

Paul Jordan -Founder

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